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  4. Energy efficiency analysis of BRICS countries: a study using Data Envelopment Analysis
  5. Energy efficiency policies: toolbox and best practices

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Energy Policy, 37 12 , — Policy instruments to foster energy efficiency. Mundaca, L. Energy Economics, 30 6 , — A multi-criteria evaluation framework for tradable white certificate schemes.

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Energy Efficiency

Taxing energy use: a graphical analysis. Market-based instruments for energy efficiency: policy choice and design. Accessed 01 September Oikonomou, V.

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A framework on interactions of climate and energy policy instruments. Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies for Global Change, 13 2 , — Is blending of energy and climate policy instruments always desirable?


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Ramos, A.

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  • Interaction effects of energy efficiency policies: a review.
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The role of information for energy efficiency in the residential sector. Energy Economics, 52 , S17—S Rezessy, S. Voluntary agreements in the field of energy efficiency and emission reduction: review and analysis of experiences in the European Union. Energy Policy, 39 11 , — Rietbergen, M. Do agreements enhance energy efficiency improvement? Analysing the actual outcome of long-term agreements on industrial energy efficiency improvement in the Netherlands.

Rogge, K.

Energy efficiency analysis of BRICS countries: a study using Data Envelopment Analysis

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    Energy efficiency policies: toolbox and best practices

    Clear definitions and common wording for rebound effect are needed. Style Switcher. Demos 6 Main. The sessions will rely on case studies and interaction among participants. They will include quality support materials. Skip to main content. Home Training Energy efficiency policies: toolbox and best practices.